Invest your skills in our creative projects!

Red Onion started to get crowd investment of our creative projects by raising small amounts of participation from skilled people.

Be our angel!

If you like creative projects and you are a designer, artist, photographer, copywriter, producer, programmer, writer, advertiser, editor or lawyer. Participate in creative projects and collect Onions. You will be our angel investor.
Step1: Login -> Upload your skills, interests or SNS links
Step2: Participate in the projects and collect Onions.
(Onions are like participation credits.)
Step3: The system will check your Power automatically.
(The Power represents your participation percentage in Red Onion.)

Collaboration with Red Onion

We know there are too many problems to start a new project (Taking too much time, lack of skills or low-income for a long time). Don't be alone. Just ping us about your project ( and prosper with us.