Make your team!


Why don't you make the team with your supporters? The supporters may want to share their skills with your cool project, and they may be creators, advertisers, designers, photographers, copywriters, producers, artists, writers, editors, programmers, accountants or lawyers. Say the supporters to be your team member and prosper together.
We are here for it!


The Onions are like credits among the supporters in Red Onion. You can collect Onions when you participate in other's creative projects and use Onions for building your team.


The Influence represents a supporter's participation of Red Onion, the share of the profits and the voting power. The Red Onion System will change your Onions (0.1%/mon) to update Influence automatically.


1, The Supporters make decisions together on collaborations for commercial projects.
2, The 0.1% onions will be circulated to non-commercial projects.


If you need collaboration with Red Onion, please email us(

Final Goal

Our final goal is sustainable artist group. We know that's not easy in capitalism but, we believe the power of creativity and we think creativity always have solved the impossible matters. Yes, we are the creative people, and our creativity will make the goal come true.