Red Onion, LLC started in the Portland, OR area; the city famous for its unique, quirky culture of hipster, hippy, kinfolk, and more. We focus on fostering the Data Cooks(makers with data) by encouraging collaboration among them and seek to establish the unique culture of sharing profits in the process of making better Red Onion.
If you dream of initiating a web project with data, join us and be with the Red Onion members. We welcome you to prosper together by assisting to focus on your creative data project. ( master@redonion.us )


Onions(1 USD per one Onion) are like credits among the members of Red Onion. The members can earn Onions when they participated and completed the tasks in your team project.


The Flavor represents a member's ability to participate in building Red Onion actively.
With this Flavor Rate(%), a member can receive a dividend from RED ONION, LLC when members decide it.